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Meet Felipe Albernaz, a Brazilian industrial designer, with a passion for fashion. Trained at the European Design Institute in Madrid, he launched his own company in 2012. Felipe deconstructs norms, creating trends based on his personal style. His designs fill the gaps in the market, empowering women to feel their best. Committed to ethical practices, all Felipe Albernaz products are made with recycled fabrics and free from single-use plastic. Experience style-conscious fashion that reflects your unique personality with Felipe Albernaz.

Step into the world of Felipe Albernaz, a meticulous and visionary designer. With an innate sense of perfection, he constantly seeks to push boundaries and find new innovations in the fashion industry. Trained as an investigator, Felipe brings a unique perspective to his designs, combining creativity with a deep understanding of fashion. Every piece he creates is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Experience the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs of Felipe Albernaz and elevate your style to new heights.

Embark on the journey of Felipe Albernaz, a designer who has taken the fashion world by storm. From showcasing his first collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid to now selling his coveted designs in 19 European countries, Felipe Albernaz has established a global presence. With each collection, the company continues to evolve, constantly striving to achieve the best in design. Felipe Albernaz is committed to making the lives of women easier, creating pieces that effortlessly enhance their style and confidence. Experience the evolution of fashion with Felipe Albernaz and discover designs that are both timeless and empowering.